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Welcome to Little Freddie!

At Little Freddie we believe that children learn best when they are having fun and engaged using all their senses. We see sensory play as an opportunity for children to explore, learn and understand through engaging their creative and imaginative world.

Our aim is to capture all these benefits in our themed sensory kits, where a new theme will be released each month. All boxes include various open-ended mediums to spark curiosity and creativity, accessories to aid exploration, themed learning activities such as phonic sheets and pre writing activities, and are delivered in a convenient re-useable storage container.

What is Sensory Play?

Sensory play encourages the exploration of all your Little Freddie’s senses through play. This includes sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, movement and balance. Play is fun, but it is also their way of learning. Adopting play-based learning into the home promotes challenging thinking processes, social skills, emotional growth, expressive language and fine motor skills.

  • Stomp Into A Jurrasic World

  • Step into an under water adventure!

Stomp Into A Jurrasic World


Step into an under water adventure!

Under the Sea


He absolutely loved it! Thank you! You are saving so many peoples lives in this lockdown with toddlers!


Thank you for making lockdown for our little one! As a high school teacher trying to conduct online teaching and raising a toddler. You made our week!


Blown away at your customer service. Thank you sooo much for hand delivering our construction box. It's fab!


Thank you for such a quick delivery, and hand delivered too! Waiting until I get my 2 year old asleep over the weekend to show my 4 years old Freddie so he gets it all to himself!


I still can’t believe I ordered this and it was delivered with a friendly face only hours later.
I have one very excited boy here.
Thanks again ladies- such a fantastic product & business!


What are the benefits

Fine Motor Skills

The best way your child learns is through their hands. By using senses of touch to explore the sensory box they are extending fine motor skills. Fine motor skills include grasping, tactile stimulation, finger/hand strength, coordination, pushing, pulling, pinching. We have ensured that there is a wide variety of textures and resources to aid your child's fine motor skill development.

Cognitive Develoment

Cognitive development is how your child thinks, explores and figures it all out! It is the growing development of knowledge, skills, problem solving and dispositions- which help children to think about, and understand the world around them. Using our boxes as a tool for learning, and allowing your child to have uninterrupted time to play whilst asking open-ended questions, is the best method to support and challenge emerging cognitive abilities for your child.

With a long list of benefits, Sensory boxes have been proven to aid and enhance the crucial learning & development processes that occur by touching, smelling, seeing, tasting, hearing, moving. You can read about this all and more on our latest blog post for Northern Beaches Mums.